Mini laboratorio Gas laboratorio vacuum Tube Furnace

Carbolite Gero - laboratory & industrial furnace manufacturer

Carbolite Gero - laboratory & industrial furnaces up to 3000°C of high temperature furnaces and ovens from 30°C to 3000°C with a focus on vacuum and special atmosphere technology. Tube Furnaces High Vacuum / Reactive Gas

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Tube Furnace - temperatures up to 1800°C - CARBOLITE GERO

A tube furnace is often the most economical way to heat a small sample, allowing rapid temperature changes and excellent temperature uniformity.

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High-Temperature Tube Furnaces with SiC Rod Heating Gas

Laboratório Tube furnace R 170/1000/13, Tube furnace R 50/250/13 with gas supply system 2 Gas supply systems for protective gas or vacuum operation; Process control and documentation via VCD software package for monitoring,

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Laboratory Lab Furnaces, Inert Gas, Muffle, Tube Furnaces

A vacuum tube furnace is a type of furnace that can heat materials, typically metals, to very high temperatures and carry out processes such as brazing, sintering

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Mini CVD Tube Furnace with 2 Channel Gas Mixer, Vacuum Pump

OTF-1200X-S50-2F Mini CVD tube furnace is a CE Certified split tube furnace for heating samples up to 1200°C. A KF25 Gas Outlet and a Digital Vacuum

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