Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Capacidad de suministro: 2 juegos / juegos por mes
Garantía: 12 meses de garantía

Servicio post-venta: Ingenieros disponibles para servicio de maquinaria en el extranjero
Detalles de embalaje: 20 '/ 40' Open top container o 20 '/ 40' Flat rack container
Detalle de la entrega: 120 días después del depósito pagado

Vacuum sintering furnaces process materials under vacuum or inert gas condition so as to prevent material being oxidized. It’s widely used for hard alloy, ceramic material, carbon fiber graphitization. It’s suitable for hard alloy, ceramic materials, carbon fiber graphitization, carbon and carbon composites, silicon carbide products, photoelectric coating materials, refractory Metal (tungsten, molybdenum, tungsten copper alloy) and other alloy materials vacuum or atmosphere high temperature sintering.
With the large pumping capacity, high vacuum, temperature uniformity under controlled and no leakage and other characteristics, the use of touch screen operation, PLC control, simple operation, high reliability, fault alarm, mechanical automatic protection, action interlock and other functions, equipment safety High.
With remote operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote software upgrades and other functions.
The heating method is divided into two kinds: resistance heating, induction heating.
The type of charge is loaded, bottom loading, horizontal, bell-type a variety of ways to choose Vacuum units, electrical components, heating room materials and other technologies can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.